Oct 20 2017

So today was the second day of the Daytona Beach Biketoberfest.  I got on Greta and ran down to the big city to check it out.  Not as big as the spring event.  You only fit in if you are riding a HOG.  It also seems to be a requirement to have a gray beard and hair.  I do fit that description.  Only Yamaha, Suzuki and Indian were represented other than Harley.  The biker babes were a bit wanting as the average age must be in the sixties.

I think there has to be some concern in Milwaukee about the aging of the Harley customer base.    Looking over the Harley product line it seems to be dominated by baggers and generally appealing to the older guys who will soon be to old to ride

Oh well spring will come and there will be better biker babe viewing  In the meantime it is 80 degrees and I did go swimming today.